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Block Data and Patterns


Block types

Block is a non-mob unit structure in Minecraft. Not by just only place-able building material, a block can be identified as flowing water, growing seed, or empty air. The following block classes that are significant for Worldedit uses are: Normal Block IDs, External Block IDs, Hidden Block IDs, and Blockstates.

Block IDs

Block IDs are basically part of Minecraft ID data along with items, mobs, entities, potions, and external values. Each block is given an identity of number and is arranged by that numeric sequence.


Worldedit Commands
Available Worldedit commands that can help players to search Minecraft Block or Item ID easily:
  • //searchitem <item/block id/name>
  • /itemdb (based from block/item held on hand)
  • /item <item/block id/name>
Available Online Lists of Minecraft Data IDs
These sites may contain all the Minecraft IDs you need:

Facing Block IDs

Facing Block IDs contain extra values which determines the facing direction of certain block types. These extra data values are not found in creative inventory.
Slab Facing Value Example 1 (Quartz Slab) Example 2 (Wooden Oak Slab) Example 3 (Cobblestone Slab)
Default (Down) Slab + :0 44:7 126:0 44:3
Upper Slab + :8 44:15 (Upper) 126:8 (Upper) 44:11 (Upper)
Top "Texture" Block Facing Value Example 1 (Hay Bale) Example 2 (Spruce Log) Example 3 (Purpur Quartz Pillar)
Up and Down + :0 170:0 17:1 202:0
East and West + :4 170:4 17:5 202:4
North and South + :8 170:8 17:9 202:8
Bark on All-side (See Hidden Block IDs) + :12
  • Pillar Quartz Block has exceptional facing ID values.

Pillar Quart Block Facing


Up and Down 155:2
East and West 155:3
North and South 155:4
Stairs Position Value

Example 1 (Nether Brick Stair)

Example 2 (Jungle Wood Stair)

Example 3 (Sandstone Stair)

Facing East :0 114:0 136:0 128:0
Facing West :1 114:1 136:1 128:1
Facing South :2 114:2 136:2 128:2
Facing North :3 114:3 136:3 128:3
Flipped Facing East :4 114:4 136:4 128:4
Flipped Facing West :5 114:5 136:5 128:5
Flipped Facing South :6 114:6 136:6 128:6
Flipped Facing North :7 114:7 136:7 128:7

External Block IDs

External block IDs are not found in the regular creative inventory but they can still be found in Worldedit search commands.

Hidden Block IDs

Hidden Block IDs are similar to External Block IDs, they are not found in the regular creative inventory. But unlike External Block IDs, they cannot be found by the Worldedit search commands. They also can't be obtained by hand.
Image Block Name Block ID True?
Smoothoak.jpg 6-side Oak Wood 17:12 Yes
Smoothspruce.jpg 6-side Spruce Wood 17:13 Yes
Smoothbirch.jpg 6-side Birch Wood 17:14 Yes
Smoothjungle.jpg 6-side Jungle Wood 17:15 Yes
Smoothacacia-0.jpg 6-side Acacia Wood 162:12 Yes
Smoothdarkoak-0.jpg 6-side Dark Oak Wood 162:13 Yes
Smoothdoublestoneslab.jpg Smooth Double Stone Slab 43:8 Yes
Smoothdoublesandstoneslab.jpg Smooth Double Sandstone Slab 43:9 Yes
Smoothdoubleredsandstoneslab.jpg Smooth Double Red Sandstone Slab 181:12 Yes
Mushroomspore.jpg Smooth Mushroom Spore 100:0 Yes
Rawmushroomstem.jpg Mushroom Stem 100:10 Yes
Mushroomstem.jpg Smooth Mushroom Stem 100:15 Yes
Smoothhaybale.jpg Smooth Hay Bale 170:12 No
Smoothpiston.jpg 6-side Piston Head 33:7 No
Smoothstickypiston.jpg 6-side Sticky Piston Head 29:7 No
Smoothpumpkin-0.jpg 4-side Pumpkin 86:4 No
Smoothjackolantern.jpg 4-side Jack-o-Lantern 91:4 No

Block Entities


Blockstates are deeply customized blocks that contain extra pieces of data. The list below contains blockstates that significantly interfere with Worldedit uses:

Multiple-Blocks Pattern

By inserting commas ( , ) between block IDs value, Worldedit can randomize a pattern with those given blocks. To control the randomization, player can set percent ( % ) of each given block type that does not have to add up to 100%. Examples:
  • //set 1,22,45 (randomize between stone, lapiz block, and red brick)
  • //set 30%2,50%173,20%18 (randomize with total ~1/3 grass , 1/2 coal block, and 1/5 leaves)
  • //set 200%4,20%5 (randomize about 9/10 cobblestone, and 1/10 wooden plank)
  • //replace 1 30,58 (change stone to the randomization of cobwebs and crafting tables)

#copy and #clipboard

These two syntax can be used as pattern output if there is something already saved in the current clipboard. For examples:
  • //set #clipboard (turn region into a tiles or whole or parts of clipboard)
  • //replace 2 #clipboard (change grasses in that region to tiles or whole or parts of clipboard)

Cut-off Blocks

Worldedit is known for not interfering or stopping the block update. It can change part of 2-block-wide structures like door, piston, or tall plant to air which exploits unique block type.