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A convenient guide with provided illustrations to help Minecraft builders get mastered at using Worldedit. Wiki viewers can also contribute their ideas that can improve this wiki.

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EngineHub Worldedit Forge + Spigot/Bukkit + Sponge + Fabric
FAWE FastAsyncWorldedit Forge + Spigot/Bukkit + Sponge + Nukkit
LiteLoader Liteloader Worldedit CUI + Wrapper
SpigotMC Worldedit Selection Visualizer + AsyncWorldedit + FastAsyncWorldedit + Simple Worldedit GUI + Builder's Ultilities + ...
Arcaniax Arceon + Loft + ...
Minecraft PE DL (Android) Worldedit Mod + Addon + Terra + PaintBrush + ...

About Worldedit & FastAsyncWorldedit
Worldedit is a downloadable (Bukkit/Forge) utilizing add-on from a popular survival sandbox game called Minecraft. It had been in development since the alpha stage of the game. This tool can assist the Minecraft players to:
  • Instantly place or delete a chunk of any block.
  • Generate 3D or 2D geometrical or organic regional shape of blocks.
  • Perform copying and pasting functions with clipboards and patterns.
  • Clipboards are enabled to be exported, imported, or shared universally as .schematic files (How-to guide).
  • Can restore the previous stage of the region's event as backups.
  • Enable players to quickly move around or through many obstacles.

Continued from the Worldedit open-source project by a different team, FastAsyncWorldedit is also a downloadable (Bukkit/Forge) tool which offers more efficient and innovative features such as:

  • Unlimited //undo, per world history.
  • Instant lookups/rollback and cross server clipboards.
  • Advanced per player limits (entity, tiles, memory, changes, iterations, regions, inventory).
  • Brush saving, visualization, targeting modes/masks and scroll actions.
  • Convert maps or schematics between PC and MCPE.
  • Instant copying of arbitrary size with //lazycopy.
  • Auto repair partially corrupt schematic files.
  • Use CFI commands to generate worlds from maps.
  • Async task completion.

FastAsyncWorldEdit can be unsafe in many situations, and cause world corruption and other issues.

News and Update
This wiki was created in May 27, 2017.
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